jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

Sauber Mercedes C9 "Michelin"

La italiana Slot.it presenta el espectacular SAUBER MERCEDES C9 que en la prueba de la Supercup disputada en 1987 en Nürburgring fue pilotada por Mike Thackwell y patrocinada por Michelin. Información original recibida de Slot.it.

The Sauber incorporates a few technical changes:
the chassis has been updated to the latest EVO6 design - that is,
it has fully adjustable front axle riding height, and the motor cradle
placement has been improved, as well.
Plus, it is possible to mount it as anglewinder with the EVO6 motor mounts.
The side turbos are now placed on the chassis.
The spare wing under the base has been reinforced by a new type of
attachment to the body,
and the rear panels changed so that it is not necessary to remove them
to use the spring/magnetic suspension.

The CS05t-aw chassis is completely sold out and will be soon replaced by
the new 6 screws chassis CS05t-60.

The car is mounted with the new C1 tires, and the extra S2 tires has
been replaced by an Allen M2 key (PA06).

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