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We are proud to announce the new 2013 Catalog with some important Highlights 

Mini X-Raid  ALL4 Racing.  
 With the official licensing to reproduce the X-Raid Mini All 4x4 wheel drive. A 2 times Dakar Raid champion never done before in slot.
Include the new revolutionary  "Dakar"  adjustable chassis with 4x4 wheeldrive and delivery is for the 2013-Q4.  
We are confident that will be a big seller due its premium detailed plastic body and perfect painting as well as the fantastic chassis performance. 

Porsche 959 Paris Dakar Winner .
Even we announced 2 years ago, in our viewpoint we prefer to wait for the new updated design on the Raid Dakar chassis to release this car to be fitted with the best possible pieces to fit  market.   Release date is for 2013-Q3.
De Tomaso Pantera Gr.3.
You will be able to see the car in Nurnberg fitted with our adjustable Montecarlo rally chassis 2013-Q2.
Extra detailed and lighter body give the best possible option on the market.

Porsche 959,  Subaru WRC, MG Metro : 
New liveries to comeduring this 2013 year.

 Peugeot 205 T16, Peugeot 405 T16 and Range Rover.
· Masterpieces resin complete cars with the highest detail possible in a limited production of only 200 pcs for each reference. We promise you will be shocked for its final quality, never seen before. 
· All them assembled with the new universal Dakar Raid chassis.  
·We introduce this year an option to purchase a PrePainted body kits to make the final product up to your preferences of driver and race or just to make your own personalized version.
· Starting from 2013-Q2

Spare painted Bodies from all cars. 
  Thunder 3 motor.  The first active air cooled motor in the slot market.  
Thunder 4 motor.   Long shaft for long 4x4 cars market.  
Dakar Raid Chasis :
· Assembled and developed by our I+D team based in the experience from multiple Championship wins. 
· Multi adjustable wheel arch adjustable to fit all Raid cars present and future from MSC and other Slot brands 
· Fully adjustable individual shock absorbers.
· Long swing arm to pass over all kind of obstacles
Montecarlo Universal Chasis:
· Some improvement will be done in the main frame to improve rigidity. 
· New rear axle bushing system.
· New Sideway body adapters.

4- New 1/24 metal chasis for Rally Racing:

We will develop  2013 a complete new range of metal chasis for 1/24 Rally Racing to fit plastic model kits already existing form the market. We will unveil the complete project mid 2013, with all information about it.

Please click over the link to download the just released  new catalog

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