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We are proud to announce the new 2013 Catalog (CLICK CATALOG: HERE)

1-. 1:32 Mercedes Benz Collection

We reduced the qty of new items items in the range as well as we introduce the KPP versions (prepainted body kits)  form the Mercedes collection,  we are sure that this much more affordable price will be very attractive to new customers. 

TOP-7110 Mercedes 540k ,  
 The last unit from this range (TOP-7110) will be available early April. Limited production have been reduced to only 200 pcs.
TOP-7115   Mercedes 196R GP italy 1955   #16  and #18
 Twin pack car with nice diorama from Monza track banking. Limited production to only 200 pcs will be a desirable item on Christmas time.

TOP-7114 Mercedes SL Roadster "Chuck porter SCCA special"
American gentlemen driver with awesome performance. for the 2013 -Q1 delivery.

2-. 1:32 Pegaso Collection
In 2013 catalog we show up all cars that will compete the collection from this iconic real Spanish car manufacturer. The last 8 models from this collection will be  delivered within 2013 and 2014 seasons. This will the last ones  from this car collection. Production remains to 300 limited units of each one.

3-. New 1:32 Porsche Legends Collection

A new collection series is started in 2013,  based in a legend itself;  Porsche, the German performance car will be slot replicated with  superb detailing by our artisans,  Limited 200 pieces of each will be supplied in premium gift box with limited signature editions. TOPSLOT will be offering a KPP option (pre-painted body kits) on all them as second choice for all those want to make its own personal build up.

Topslot will joint forces with Scaleauto RT3 performance pieces to offer those race breed cars the best possible dynamic results.

This Collection will offer 4 new cars during the next 5 year. All them different body shapes and most of them never done before in Slot 1/32 scale. 

Please find attached the new catalogue link 


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